Closing the finance gap for British business, January 2016

It seems like only yesterday that the media was dominated by the financial crisis. Yet in only seven years, the change in shape of the British financial market is incredible. Arguably there’s never been a better time to be a borrower, so says Jonathan Whitbread, Partner at Harrison Clark Rickerbys and founder of new finance hub, FinanceGenerator.

Innovation on the back of the financial crisis

The financial crisis has transformed British financial markets – the pace of change in this traditional marketplace is unprecedented. We now have challenger banks on the high street and technology has taken out the middleman as emerging financial technology companies compete with traditional business models and displace incumbent providers. With such variety within the market, there has arguably never been a better time to be a borrower.

Navigating funding is not plain sailing

With senior lenders often unable to meet a borrower’s entire financing needs, borrowers can be left with an unwelcome funding gap. They then have to find additional finance from the new breed of alternative finance providers who are emerging to fill that gap. I’ve seen first hand the frustration of senior lenders who, unable to get credit approval, lose a borrower entirely to the alternative finance market. It’s an unwelcome distraction for borrowers too, trying to fathom new markets. FinanceGenerator helps borrowers and lenders close that gap and find a ‘best fit’ solution.

FinanceGenerator secures corporate finance

Typically our borrowers are UK based and looking to borrow between £1-20 million to finance growth, stock and equipment, new contracts, restructuring or bridging. We look at each case on its merits. For a fixed fee, our panel of finance experts will review the market for a borrower, identify a ‘best fit’ solution and then manage the credit process and the legal stage, right through to receipt of funds. Everyone’s time is valuable. With one service able to support borrowers from start to finish, we can streamline the process and ask all the right questions before it even reaches a lender. Our knowledge of the borrower, their business and the credit process enables us to build the most compelling case to present to lenders.

Positive market response

Borrowers benefit from a bespoke and transparent service, with no hidden fees. FinanceGenerator passes any commission back to the borrower, so products are recommended purely on the basis of fit. Our experts create fully customised packages on a case by case basis, so we can deal with both straightforward and highly complex cases. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We help blend the traditional and alternative finance markets to close the finance gap for British business.


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